FAQ 2017-11-11T02:24:12+00:00
What is printMyMap? 2017-11-11T03:11:55+00:00

printMyMap allows you to easily create topographic maps. You choose both your preferred map section and the map scale and individualize the cover by choosing your own title and subtitle. We print your map on tear- and weatherproof quality paper and deliver the final product to your place within a few days.

Whom the map is suitable for? 2018-06-19T08:18:38+00:00

For trekkers, bikers, outdoor fanatics, campers, world travelers as well as for city travelers.

Which regions are available for choosing my individual map section? 2017-11-11T02:37:52+00:00

The whole world! The source for printMyMap is a crowdsourcing project (called OpenStreetMap) which offers the largest publicly availabe map raw data.

Why should I need a printed map in addition to the available online maps and GPS? 2017-11-11T02:37:17+00:00

The answer is very simple: Online maps and GPS are great as long as your battery is charged and as long as your are not soaked by rain. However, what are you doing if your battery is low in the middle of the wilderness or the battery disobeys due to the tropic humidity?

That’s why a good paper map must be part of every seriously planned trip. A printed topographic map shows you all relevant information at one glance and is perfect for the planning of your tour and for finding and alternative route while on tour.

Furthermore, it is often not that easy to find the exact map that you are looking for.

We have developed printMyMap for all those situations.

With a topographic map of printMyMap you always have a loyal companion on your side that never lets you down.

Isn’t it easier to just buy a commercially available topographic map? 2017-11-11T02:36:39+00:00

Good question. There are some cases where this makes sense. However commercially available maps often don’t show the specific map section you are looking for. If you need topographic details of a specific region or part of a city you have to take several standard maps with you.

In addition there are many specific regions you won’t find any standard maps for. You may find what you are looking for when arriving at your destination – however you already want to plan your adventure in advance at home.

How can I choose my map section? 2017-11-11T02:35:46+00:00

This is how it works:

For the rough selection of the region

  • With the scroll function of your mouse (or by moving two fingers apart and back on your touch device) you can zoom-in or zoom-out
  • At the same time click and draw the map outside of the selected red area.
  • Double-click to roughly position the selected red area.

For the fine selection of your preferred region

At the same time click and draw inside the selected red area.

Which map scale should I choose? What do you recommend? 2017-11-11T02:57:08+00:00

The optimal map scale strongly depends on the intended use. In general: the higher the chosen map scale the more details are visible but the smaller a possible section of a specific region for display will result.

The following map scales have proven to be useful and allow an easy conversion:

For bikes or bicycles: 1:50’000 ➔ 2 cm ≙ 1 km
By foot or by bike in the territory: 1:33’333 ➔ 3 cm ≙ 1 km
By foot in the territory: 1:25’000 ➔ 4 cm ≙ 1 km
City map: 1:5’000 ➔ 2 cm ≙ 100 m

What format does the map have? 2017-11-11T02:33:35+00:00

The set-up of the map allows an optimal display of detailed map information in the unfolded version and at the same time fits in every pocked in its folded version.

The format in detail
Unfolded map: 88 x 58 cm (whereof territory information: 75 x 56 cm)
Folded map: 9.8 x 20 x 1 cm

Which information is contained on the map? 2018-08-05T12:10:24+00:00

All that you need:

  • Streets, roads, paths
  • Railroads and stations
  • Ground (wood, waters, glaciers, settlements)
  • Mountaintops
  • Cities, villages, buildings
  • Level curves including spot heights and shading of territory
  • Contact us for special features (own GPS track printed, special formats, unfolded, etc).

The level of detail varies from area to area and depends on the chosen map scale.

It’s best to just start by choosing a map section and then look at the result with the preview function. The displayed information is identical to the information printed on the final map.

In order to give you a concrete idea on how a final map can possibly look like, you can download examples (high-res PDF) here:

Is it possible to personalize the cover? 2017-11-11T02:26:31+00:00

The images on the cover can’t be changed. However you can choose your own title and subtitle.

Which material is used for printing the map? 2017-11-11T02:25:51+00:00

We print on tear-, and waterproof Tyvek with a grammage of 90 g/m2. This is as thick as needed for all your adventures and as thin as possible to ensure an easy foldability.

Where is the map produced? 2017-11-11T02:25:03+00:00

Swiss quality from A to Z – the maps are entirely produced in a printing plant in Switzerland. We’ve thoroughly assessed the site in advance to make sure our high demands are met. In addition, the proximity of our company headquarter to the printing plant allows more flexibility and the best possible quality control.

How much does a personalized map cost? 2018-06-19T08:21:42+00:00

Your personalized map costs Euro 35.-.

Freight costs are added separately:

Switzerland: Euro 3.03
Europe: Euro 8.78
Overseas: Euro 10.80

There is a VAT of 7.7% on all dispatches to a Swiss address.

What is the time of delivery? Do you really dispatch worldwide? 2017-11-11T02:17:43+00:00

Yes we really dispatch worldwide. We print the maps twice a week (Monday and Thursday). Some days need to be allowed for the dispatch to an address in Switzerland. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail as well as confirmation for dispatch as soon as we handed your map over to the post. This is how long it takes until you hold your own card in your hands (no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information)

Switzerland: 2 to 5 working days
Europe: 3 to 8 working days
Overseas: 4 to 11 working days

How can I pay? 2017-11-11T02:13:49+00:00

You can pay your topographic map by using your credit or debit cards and with PayPal.

If you already pay in the cart with PayPal, we accept the delivery address from your PayPal account and you do not need to type it.

Note: printMyMap never has access to your credit card details.

I would like to receive a free map to test your product and to publish a statement about printMyMap. Is this possible? 2017-11-11T02:02:06+00:00

We are always interested in possible cooperation. Just send us a message and tell us a bit more about your idea, your blog or your project and we will come back to you as soon as possible.