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  • Availability of map sections of the whole world – no matter wheather you look for a specific map section of a city or a hiking map of Patagonia – on printMyMap you find topographic maps of almost every part of the world.
  • Tear-, and weatherproof quality paper – our maps never let you down.
  • Big format of 75×65 cm – the map shows all relevant area information your need for your adventure.
  • Perfect overview – your map is excellently suitable for the planning of your outdoor activities, most of all thanks to the level curves and the shading of the territory.
  • Lightweight & compact – the map fits in every pocket.
  • Swiss quality from A to Z – the maps are entirely produced in Switzerland.
  • Worldwide dispatch.


Whom the map is suitable for?

For trekkers, bikers, outdoor fanatics, campers, world travelers as well as for city travelers


Which information is shown on the map?

Along with streets, paths, railroads etc. the map also shows territory details such as wood, glaciers, mountaintops, waters etc. The map disposes furthermore of a striking three-dimensional design thanks to the display of level curves including spot heights and shading of the territory. Though also the creation of detailled city maps is possible.


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EUR 35.– plus freight costs

Any questions? Please have a look at our FAQs – you will find most answers there.